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Interactive Keypads

Successful meetings are not just about communicating your key messages to your audience, it is also important to listen. Encouraging feedback shows your delegates that you value their opinions. Q&A sessions still play an important part in that role but in recent years the addition of audience response systems to meetings has allowed delegates to feel as if they are really a part of the communication process.

Using wireless keypad handsets the audience choose answers from multiple choice PowerPoint slides and see their choices displayed instantly on screen in graphical format. The system is flexible and scalable from a small group to an audience of thousands. You can choose to have a single inter-active session or add a few questions to each of the presentations to create a fully interactive event. The data that is generated from these sessions can be used to help structure future strategies and the PowerPoint graphics created can be implemented into further presentations.

When it comes to empowering your audience and gathering valuable feedback, many of the World's major companies have chosen Audiovisual Joint Resource Limited to produce their interactive meetings.

Our wireless keypad audience response systems add interactivity to any event and our experienced team of technicians and producers can tailor a package to suit your needs whether large or small.

How it works

Our keypads use wireless technology to transmit your choices to the computer system. When a question appears on the screen you choose one of the options listed (multiple choice from 2 to 10 options) and press the appropriate button on your keypad.

The data is transmitted automatically and is collated by the system which can then output the results in graphical form, showing the percentage of answers for each option and highlighting the correct answer (if there is one).

Each keypad has an individual number identity so you can choose to have voters remain anonymous or you can assign names to each handset allowing you to run quiz sessions and give out prizes to the winners.

This exciting interactive technology has many applications from serious data gathering to entertaining quizzes. For more information on the system and a comprehensive quotation please contact us at or if you would like more information regarding our audience response services please visit our sister site:

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